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Will this game be getting trading cards?


Steam keys for groupees buyers??


I sent the copy of the keys to Remute the night the game launched, and got a reply from him the night after that they were going to be distributed. I'm not involved in the distribution process of that, but I'll be checking up a few days to see if they've been all sent out or not.


I've been waiting forever for the Steam version to come out; I even voted on the Steam Greenlight of it-- Is it still gonna come out on Steam?


They said it'll be out on steam very soon its in the final stages. Achievements and stuff have been made, just waiting on an extra bit to the game I think. Also, if you buy it here you'll get the full on steam I believe, they'll send the key.

Yeah! I'm doing some final touches. I really apologize, combination of MFA classes and burn out has been causing the huge delay. Thank you a lot for your patience. I'll be sending an email on news of the release soon. Maybe a week or so!


Thanks so much for responding and finally releasing the game! I played it the day I got my key and was pleased with it. I hope you and your game make decent reveiws and cash. [:

I'm glad to hear it! Thank you for your support Wolfie!

Any plans to add this to steam? You can easy get a bunch of yes votes from groupees.

Hope it's not too late, but I finally added it to Steam! Took a while due to school ha.

i voted hopefully it gets greenlit quickly for you :)


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Really fun little game, found it thanks to a video on Hardcoregaming 101.

The only few noteworthy gripes I have with the game are not being able to type out my initials on the game over screen (scrolling through the letters is so tedious!), not being able to turn off bilinear filtering, and the lack of variety when it comes to music. It's also a bit of a shame that the only significant difference between the different levels are the layouts of the tables. Also, is it just me or is there no sound for picking up plates from the tables? That's been tripping me up quite a bit.

The characters are all absolutely adorable, portrayed by really good sprite art, the few gameplay elements that were implemented are really enjoyable, and the different gameplay options (arcade, "easy", endless) made available make this game really worth the asking price!