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Poppin & Jupa: Pocket Adventure is an action-adventure exploration game in which you play as a pair of young adventurers: The ladybug boy Poppin, and the scarecrow girl Jupa. Using the mysterious Gadget Box, Poppin and Jupa combat baddies, get around tricky challenges, and collect treasure as a team. In this adventure, the pair are traveling up to explore the grandiose Mount Glitteroam; what friends, foes, and secrets will they find along the way? Come and find out!

* * * * *

This is a DEMO of what will be the first chapter in a planned 7 chapter game! It's a comparatively short and more straightforward experience than what the full game will be, which is still a work in progress. I hope this demo gives a good idea of what the rest of the adventure will be like.

The game is currently Windows/PC only, with both keyboard controls and gamepad controls supported. The demo can take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes to complete, with a save feature being available. Currently, the game uses PLACEHOLDER MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS... as I work on future chapters, I'll be getting someone to replace them with unique assets. The demo's credits lists all resources used.

Thank you for checking it out!



UPDATE 9/4/2020:

  • Title music changed
  • Rikki Bandit goes back to origin properly
  • Some platforms/berries added
  • Window size stays set from menu
  • Game Over audio bugs fixed

UPDATE 8/31/2020:

  • Title screen music should no longer play over menu music
  • Jupa dialogue sprites updated
  • Effects added to attacking enemies
  • Bugs with Jupa's crawling fixed
  • ReadMe.txt file added
  • Pushed objects stop in front of partners now
  • Barrier produced by doors no longer visible
  • Gadget menu shortcut won't trigger while editing controls
  • Escape reverts
  • Control editing without cancelling pause
  • Sound issue fixed for editing controls

UPDATE 8/21/2020:

  • New title screen and transition sequence
  • Barrels/rolling objects behave more consistently
  • Glove sticks out at full length longer
  • Glove now travels along the top of slopes when shot forward
  • General glove collision fixes
  • Skrorcks' speed, height, and health reduced
  • Hold F/Right Trigger to lock in place and aim the glove while holding still
  • Text now iterates with Jump button instead

UPDATE 8/9/2020:

  • Fixed problem where you'd get stuck if grabbing a spot downwards while a platform is in the way
  • F1 now brings up changes on title screen
  • version 0.1.6: dropping through platforms wasn't working due to a left over from fixing the first issue, preventing progress. Please download this version and continue!

UPDATE 8/8/2020:

Here's a pretty hefty change. No new content yet, just a lot of fixes to help it feel nicer.

  • Set songs to compress and streamed, reducing the size of the zip
  • SAGE 2020 Splash screen
  • Most cutscenes can now be skipped by holding pause
  • Fixed a lot of bugs and issues, such as pathing improved, knocked out partner, respawn points from fall damage, etc.
  • Map system has been improved a whole lot, can more easily navigate it and view the names of areas, see where the current goal is better, etc.
  • Can now aim the boxing glove downwards!
  • Partner now helps attack enemies!
  • Adjusted health of bandit enemies and money drop rate for all enemies
  • Poppin and Jupa's sprites have been updated, Poppin's dialogue portraits changed
  • You now get a rank in the credits based on how fast you completed the game and how many chests/plants you found. (goes from C to S+)
  • Enemy parades has a visual indication of where enemies will show up
  • Minor level design tweaks



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Is it coming to steam?

Yeah! I'd like to add it there. I won't be able to put it up until I'm further along in development, but when it is I'll make an announcement so people can start putting it on their wishlist and stuff.


truely adorable and wonderful game! i love both Poppin and Jupa's so much and i really enjoy played this demo so far. will look forward to see chapter 2, keep up your great work!

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One of my favorite projects to watch the progress on

The polish for this demo is incredible the Main Menu alone is already a huge attention grabber, it's just Endless Charm. It's gameplay is fun with enough creative choices to keep it standing out and  feel refreshing. I really dig this game.


This feels like a GBA game. Specifically one of those hidden gem ones you remember fondly. I mean that in the best(est) way possible!


Finished a second play through to try the new and improved demo, and enjoyed it as much as the first time! I tried to get through to the end without too much exploring/secret puzzle solving, and ended up taking about 35 minutes and earning a B rank!

The inactive player helping out with fighting is super cool, it was always a nice surprise to have them pitch in. I love how cute Jupa is, the way she narrates the story and has a big grin. All the character interactions have so much charm : )

Even though I didn't stop for EVERY chest, the ones I came across on my way I would have fun trying to quickly reach. I appreciate being able to get just a LITTLE extra height by hitting the glove against the ground, because sometimes it lets you reach areas that are just out of reach. It's silly because these are usually areas that you can reach just a little later by pushing a turnip or some other method, but that's what makes it so fun- letting players have the chance to get it another way, whether it's quicker or not.

The only "bug" I found was if you hold down or down-right/down-left and use the glove against a wall (maybe only while jumping) the glove will ZIP all the way to the top of the wall. I think this is just a graphical thing anyways, but figured I'd mention it. I did want to ask though if there's any place else you prefer to receive bug/error reports, or if the comments here works.

I have to heap more praise on the boss fight, too- I was on the edge of death this time playing, and it was so fun seeing all the attacks it comes up with. All too often in games I'll be trying some kind of defense that makes sense to me, and it does nothing because the developers just want to make sure the boss beats the player up no matter what. I was sooooooo thankful here that when I ducked during the tongue attack, it didn't reach all the way down to the ground. Sorry for rambling, but it just feels so good to fight a boss like this that has tells and good opportunities to dodge attacks while still being tense.

I'm very excited to see more, as it would be incredible to go through an entire quest with chapters like these and store up money to buy all the different food and find every secret. But this chapter alone is so well done, thank you for making it so fun!

Thank you a lot, your comments are always really helpful and motivational, I'm glad a lot of it is working out so far! Next chapter should start having money/shops playing a bit more, as well as exploration. I hope I can get that done soon, so there's more content to play with next time. I don't know if it'll be free like this, but we'll see.

Comments anywhere are fine for feedback/bug reports, I noticed what you were talking about and tried addressing it in version 1.0.7, I think there's still some quirks with it still, but it should prevent some of the weirdness.


The videogame industry is a special one, it's an industry were you can't just tell a story, you have to put good, engaging gameplay to say it's a videogame. What I love about videogames is how the gameplay and the story can fuse together, and Poppin & Jupa: Pocket Adventure does this perfectly.

Calling this “Pocket Adventure” wouldn't be fair, despite the fact taht this is a demo, this game already feels huge, but let's start with the protagonists.

After the first dialouge between Poppin and Jupa, all I wanted was to hear more, Jupa introduction shows her exciting nature, and Poppin's dialouge shows his more serious and curious nature, they're both very well written.

Their idle animations are beautiful, sometimes Jupa would fall asleep, and I loved when they started playing together.

I really liked how you can heal your friend by hugging him, but it feels very slow, I'm not saying it should be instant, but it's very difficult to heal your friend during a boss fight.

The main combat mechanic is very unique, and it feels really good to play, for some reasons I can't jump while pressing up, so it was difficult to attack under the enemies.

The actual combat is very fluid and fast, I really liked that you can charge your attack, you colud add a moon walk option so that the player can't turn around when charging.

I also liked how Poppin and Jupa have different abilities, Poppin being able to pull heavy stuff was very smart, but I don't see why he couldn't crawl.

Another problem I have is how easy the game is, after one of the protagonists dies, you can wake him up, but there isn't a limit on how much you wake up your partner.

After playing through the entire demo, played trough it again and again, I know you have been daveloping this game for a long time, and I can't wait for the final product. Great job!!!


Thank you! These kind of reviews help a lot. The tie between story and gameplay was a major focus for me, so I hope later chapters continue to improve on that, as well as how Poppin and Jupa work together as a team.

I haven't looked into the hug for a while, but I can see what you mean. It has no business being that slow. I'll take a look at holding up and jumping too; I have noticed similar quirks when holding down.

I tried out a lot of different things with the charge, and at one point that was the case (as well as slowing down). What I found was that it felt too restricting to commit to a direction that early, since now they have to fire the glove and wait for it to retreat if they happen to face the wrong way when charging. I think missing with the glove is punishing enough.

With crawling, the main difference should be that Jupa is small enough to crawl into tinier spaces, the reason I only have her crawl is to help highlight that difference a bit more. I could try having Poppin crawl too, but probably slower compared to Jupa.

The partner revival is something that I'm still playing with, erring on the side of being forgiving for now (same thing for the rest of this demo, it's the first part). There is some punishment to it: the more you do it in a single area, the longer it takes each time. It can be time consuming while exploring, but very dangerous while a boss or a group of bad guys are after you. I did have enough people who game over'd on enemy waves and the boss, so I feel this is balancing out. Ignoring your partner and being too far away when they revive on their own will have them drop some money.

Some aspects I'm considering is reducing how many hearts they start off with on each revival. In later planned areas, some enemies/obstacles can make it harder to reach/revive your partner.

I thought of dropping money on subsequent revivals but I'd hate people to feel like they need to reload a save over losing too much cash. A "hard mode" that game overs on any KO is something I've considered too, but that'll have to be a ways away, I want to at least complete chapters 2 and 3 before fooling with that idea.

The demo has been a big help in figuring out what's working and needs tweaking, so the past few months have been addressing stuff like this. I'm hoping the next demo feels better and less glitchy. Chapter 2 has it's structure planned out, but I'm only partly through coding in the new obstacles, enemies, and finishing the Drill tool. I feel bad for being slow, but I hope when it releases that you and others will enjoy it!

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I played through the demo, I liked how stuff like the springs launch the barrels at enemies. The only bug I really found was when you select an entry at the file screen (while the pen is writing) you can still freely change selections.

Thanks for playing! Yeah I hope in future areas I can play around with the springs and enemies/objects more. I'll be sure to fix the menu thing, thank you for mentioning it!


Made a video

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Not gonna lie, this is easily my favourite game on itch.io. Ive played a lot of itch games, but this just blew all of them out of the water! I frickin love this game, and am now following and eagerly awaiting more. This game is likely the embodiment of perfection, love the characters, love the mechanics, and I'm absolutely inspired by the boss. That boss fight was something else, easily on my list of best bosses of all time, better even than the bosses of my favourite game, Hollow Knight. All amazing. 

It was pretty funny hearing a lot of sounds from other games, I heard a lot of castlevania and mario galaxy, which stood out a bit. I wasn't able to quit to the title, that button wasn't working for me. I also don't think the credits were working. 

Otherwise, I have no issues to report, as said earlier I frickin love your work, keep it up! 11/10, would rate again.

Thanks! That's some high praises. I think it has a long ways to go to being perfect though, especially with how the partner follows you around. I'm glad you enjoyed the boss; I had a lot of fun designing him (though feeling bad for making him so hard initially, this past week I've been toning him down).

I checked my code and forgot to uncomment out a line that of code that lets the credits scroll. I'd been using it for making the trailer footage beforehand. As for the Quit button, that *does* work... but not if you were using the jump button, which cancels it out back a menu. I realize now that's not intuitive and can see where the confusion would come from.

Hoping to get Chapter 2 and additional content done in the future, hopefully I can keep improving it! Thank you for taking the time to play it and I'm very glad you had fun.