A downloadable game for Windows

UPDATE 1/8/2020:

  • Fixed Credits

UPDATE 1/5/2020:

  • Adjusted Tornup Boss Fight's Health, Movement, Damage and Attacks to be easier
  • Addressed a bug with hitting a grab point and being able to jump again
  • Fixed some bugs with the Partner, involving switching while on a spring or dying after hitting a grab point
  • Other fixes/adjustments


Poppin & Jupa: Pocket Adventure is an action-adventure exploration game in which you play as a pair of young adventurers: The ladybug boy Poppin, and the scarecrow girl Jupa. Using the mysterious Gadget Box, Poppin and Jupa combat baddies, get around tricky challenges, and collect treasure as a team. In this adventure, the pair are traveling up to explore the grandiose Mount Glitteroam; what friends, foes, and secrets will they find along the way? Come and find out!

* * * * *

This is a DEMO of what will be the first chapter in a planned 7 chapter game! It's a comparatively short and more straightforward experience than what the full game will be, which is still a work in progress. I hope this demo gives a good idea of what the rest of the adventure will be like. Please let me know what you think of the game if you try it out so that I know what works and what doesn't!

The game is currently Windows/PC only, with both keyboard controls and gamepad controls supported. This current demo can take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes to complete, with a save feature being available. Currently, the game uses PLACEHOLDER MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS... as I work on future chapters, I'll be getting someone to replace them with unique assets. The demo's credits lists all resources used.

Thank you for checking it out!



Install instructions

Unzip folder and run the "Poppin And Jupa Pocket Adventure" application to play!


Poppin And Jupa Pocket Adventure_v0_1_3.zip 101 MB


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I played through the demo, I liked how stuff like the springs launch the barrels and enemies. The only bug I really found was when you select an entry at the file screen (while the pen is writing) you can still freely change selections.

Thanks for playing! Yeah I hope in future areas I can play around with the springs and enemies/objects more. I'll be sure to fix the menu thing, thank you for mentioning it!

Made a video

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Not gonna lie, this is easily my favourite game on itch.io. Ive played a lot of itch games, but this just blew all of them out of the water! I frickin love this game, and am now following and eagerly awaiting more. This game is likely the embodiment of perfection, love the characters, love the mechanics, and I'm absolutely inspired by the boss. That boss fight was something else, easily on my list of best bosses of all time, better even than the bosses of my favourite game, Hollow Knight. All amazing. 

It was pretty funny hearing a lot of sounds from other games, I heard a lot of castlevania and mario galaxy, which stood out a bit. I wasn't able to quit to the title, that button wasn't working for me. I also don't think the credits were working. 

Otherwise, I have no issues to report, as said earlier I frickin love your work, keep it up! 11/10, would rate again.

Thanks! That's some high praises. I think it has a long ways to go to being perfect though, especially with how the partner follows you around. I'm glad you enjoyed the boss; I had a lot of fun designing him (though feeling bad for making him so hard initially, this past week I've been toning him down).

I checked my code and forgot to uncomment out a line that of code that lets the credits scroll. I'd been using it for making the trailer footage beforehand. As for the Quit button, that *does* work... but not if you were using the jump button, which cancels it out back a menu. I realize now that's not intuitive and can see where the confusion would come from.

Hoping to get Chapter 2 and additional content done in the future, hopefully I can keep improving it! Thank you for taking the time to play it and I'm very glad you had fun.